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The Shire of Thornwold warmly welcomes you to Sir Edward's Memorial Tournament!

 MAY 5-7

It's time once again for the beloved Sir Eddies Tourney! As always, we are going to be celebrating the old and the new - old favorites and new friends. Please come join us, rain or shine, to remember what makes this Shire great and help be a part of even better times to come!
We are also most honored that their Highnesses Prince Einar and Princess Tangwyst of Tir Righ shall be joining us!


Adult - $20 weekend, $15 day (minus a $5 discount for current members)
Youths - age 17 and under are free

We also offer a $2 discount for seniors 65+, active military, and current students! Must supply current ID to confirm status for discount.

RV cost is $25 for the weekend and is paid directly to the Deming Log Show Grounds.



12:00 PM - Gate opens for merchants
3:00 PM - Gate opens for general populace
8:00 PM - Torchlight Tourney - Great Shield Pyre by the Fire Pit
10:00 PM - Quiet time begins for quiet camping
1:00 AM - All site quiet time; please no drumming/loud noises past this time


8:00 AM - Gate opens
10:00 AM - Public Demo begins
-Archery Range opens
-Drop off for Arts & Sciences in the Feast Hall
10:30 AM - Heavy Lists Open
11:00 AM - Heavy Armour Inspection
11:30 AM - Heavy Tourney Begins / Silent Auction Opens
12:30 PM - Rapier Lists Open
1:30 PM - Rapier Amor Inpsection
2:00 PM - Rapier Tourney Begins
4:00 PM - Silent Auction Closes / Public Demo closes
5:00 PM - Court / Feast Hall opens / Gate closes
6:00 PM - Feast Begins; Dessert Auction to follow
Dusk on - Fireside Socializing by the Fire Pit


9:00 AM - Pancake Breakfast by donation - near the Tourney Field
Tourney Field open for pick-ups
Site Closes fully at 3:00 PM - Please make sure to be off site by this time



Heavy Fighting - The style will be a holmgang tourney.
Rapier - The style will be a holmgang tourney.
Arts & Sciences - The format for this championship is a single entry in any medium, but the theme is new skills; the entry must be a "new to you" skill that you have learned or tried new for this project. 

Come and compete for a special feather in your cap this year; we are introducing new regalia! The time-honored regalia is being retired to the Reliquary display that will be located in the Feast Hall for all to enjoy.


Friday Torchlight Tourney and Shield "Recycling": There will be a heavy fighting torchlight tourney on Friday night, with a special bonus light source - we will be having a bonfire to help "retire" old shields and rattan sticks that are no longer serviceable. Please bring any shields or organics you wish to burn (stripped of any non-burnable materials please!) to help feed the fires of combat for the next season.

Merchant's Row: Care to vend at Eddies? We're happy to have you! The only fee is a small donation to the Silent Auction. Please contact Jadwiga at if you'd like to sign up!

Silent Auction: We will be holding our famous Silent Auction again near the erics. Come find some new treasures - but make sure you've got that pencil ready to outbid everyone! We are still accepting donations as well, if you have anything medieval-looking (or just plain interesting) that you'd be willing to donate.

Largess Competition: To display the generosity of our dear Shire, we will be holding a half-dozen derby for largess! No documentation needed; the items submitted should be six of the same kind with room for variation in color and pattern. Please note this is six complete items; for example, six pairs of socks, not six individual socks.

Feast: Our Feastocrats this year are HL Yzabels de la Costa and HL Jadwiga Radomyskova, and introducing Ryan and Danielle from Back East BBQ! This savory feast will be inspired by 14th Century France - tickets are $13.00 (same as the year!) and will be sold in advance as well as at the gate. Please contact Khaidu Naranaimorin at for tickets. There will be off board dining available at separate tables for anyone who'd like to just come enjoy the cozy feast hall. The feast menu and ingredient list is as follows, though menu is subject to change based on availability, taste testing, and the chef's whim:

1st Course
Pita- commercially available
Chickpea Puree: chickpeas, almond oil, lemon juice or wine vinegar, salt, cinnamon, sage, parsley
Torte of Herbs, Cheese and Eggs: Swiss chard, basil, mint, marjoram, thyme, eggs, cheese, ginger cinnamon, salt
Roast Chicken with Three Sauces: Cameline, Lazy, and Green Garlic:
Cameline: bread, red wine, red wine vinegar, cinnamon, ground ginger, grains of paradise (if available) cloves, nutmeg, pepper salt
Green Garlic Sauce: garlic, bread, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, parsley
Lazy: Chicken bouillon, ground ginger, Dijon-style mustard, white wine vinegar
Little Delicacies: chicken livers, red wine
Sauce: milk, egg yolk, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, saffron, bread

2nd Course
Boar, or Pork in the style of Boar
Leeks in a White Leek Sauce: Leeks, almonds, butter, vegetable broth
Sop for a Fish Day:(does not contain fish) water, verjuice, vinegar, egg yolks, spice powder, breadcrumbs
Fried Turnips: Turnips, vegetable broth, butter

3rd Course
Beef Aigre Douce: beef, beef broth, onion, parsley, sage, breadcrumbs, pepper, salt, rosemary, oregano cinnamon, wine vinegar
Rice Pudding: rice, turmeric, butter, almond milk
Mushroom Tart: pastry crust (flour, butter), mushrooms, olive oil, cheese, ginger cloves cinnamon, sugar, salt
Sallat: commercially available mixed greens

Candied Spices
Wafers: flour, sugar, egg
Hypocras (non-alcoholic)

Dessert Auction: We will also be hosting a dessert auction at the end of the feast - you won't want to miss this! Delicacies from all over will be auctioned off to be split between the Shire and the Tir Righ Travel Fund. Have something you'd like to see at auction? Please bring it to the feast hall, labeled with ingredients, before the feast begins.

Day Food: Day food will be available from local food truck Danielle's Back East BBQ - if you haven't had it before, you're in for a treat!

Pancake Breakfast: As if we haven't stuffed you enough, we are welcoming you to join us for one of our newest traditions, the House Rawicz Pancake Breakfast! Have a warm, hearty meal before the drudgery of tear-down and repacking. Breakfast will include pancakes (of course), sausage, scrambled eggs, OJ, and hot water for tea or instant coffee. Breakfast is by donation, and proceeds will be split between the Shire and the Tir Righ Travel Fund.

Site Rules:

-Due to instances in past years, the site has a very firm site token rule. Your site token must be worn and visible at ALL TIMES. Please make sure you have your site token before leaving, as it is required for re-entering the site.
-All animals must be kept on a leash and with their human friends at all times. Please prevent surprises to shoes and clean up after your four-legged friends.
-There will be a designated smoking area in the parking lot, near the sand-filled fire pit. Smoking otherwise is limited to your campsite, with your neighbor's permission. For all rules, vaping is considered a form of smoking, and as with all SCA events, we must honor Federal Law and as such no marijuana cannot be imbibed at this site.
-All children must remain in view of their parents or guardians. Guardians must be 18 years or older.

Not a rule, but please remember to wear sunscreen and hydrate!

Site Info:
Name: Deming Logging Faclties
3295 Cedarville Rd
Deming, WA 98226

Dayfood Provided by:
Daniells's Back East BBQ

FAQs and Other Info
Interested in selling your wares at Eddies? We would love to have you. Please contact our Merchocrat to arrange a space to set up your booth! There is no Merchant fee save for a donation of an item from your shop. These items will be given out as prizes to the many volenteers that help make this event run! We need merchants!!